Running as therapy

Read some more blogs about LB this morning.  Cried.  His penchant for swearing, tinkering with a Nissan engine, his ability to look good in a suit ……. very close to home, this.  Gave the H man two long hugs – in direct contravention to the one hug in the morning agreement – before he left for school.  Into the care of others.  But it’s school so I still feel involved, like we work in partnership (mostly), like I can question things, turn up when I like…….  But what next? 

Then read about the Andrew Young case and just got very angry.  So, for the good of those around me, I went running in honour of LB and all the others and in support of #justiceforLB.  After a bit, anger became badass determination so the order of events today will be –

Write some more of that damn thesis – you need it – Dr Mum – licenced to argue.

Eat salad – you are frightening dogs and children when you run

Google ‘how to become Minister for Care’ or some such career


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