Sweaty and breathless – not in a good way

Having ‘rested’ for the weekend, I anticipated today’s run to be a breeze.  It wasn’t.  I am unbelievably unfit. 

The H man and Flo joined me on their bikes today.  Harry was most pleased as he repaired his bike himself.  As he pointed out, this was the first time he had successfully fixed anything, as most of his ‘fixing’ made things slightly less fixed. So we are all well chuffed with his efforts.   I stubbled along behind them both looking sweaty and breathless.  By way of a motivational speech the occassional ‘Come along Mother’ was thrown in my direction.  It didn’t help.  But I don’t bloody care because it’s all for a good cause.

I doubt it will be easy, it will definately not be fast and not at all pretty, but I have pledged to run 107km (over a few days) in support of the #justiceforLB campaign.  I can’t set up a justgiving page as this is not a registered charity.  Any money raised will go towards the legal costs incurred by the family in order to gain justice for the wrongful death of their son, Connor.  If you would like to make a donation to this worthy cause you can, please see instructions on how here: http://sarasiobhan.wordpress.com/fundraising/  If you know me personally, then nearer the time I will be putting an old fashioned paper sponsorship form under your nose and asking for donations so if you would rather do it old skool we can. 

Thanks for reading xxx



2 thoughts on “Sweaty and breathless – not in a good way

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