Where did April go?

How can it be the 30th April already?  My goodness that means in  less than a week I will be starting the 107k challenge.  Yikes!  The challenge is to run 10x10k in 10 consecutive days then finish the challege with a 7k run.  107k in all 1k for every day that Connor Sparrowhawk spent in an NHS assessment unit.   Connor Sparrowhawk was an 18 year old with a passion for buses and speaking his mind – he sounds like my kinda guy.  He also happened to have autism and epilepsy and died whilst staying at an NHS assessment unit.  Normally, I would say in the care of an NHS assessment unit but not this time.  So the #justiceforLB campaign and #107days project aims to raise awareness and money to get justice for Connor Sparrowhawk.

You see, this is not an isolated tradegy. Mencap report that ‘over 1200 people with learning disabilities die needlessly in NHS care every year’.  Just take a minute to absorb that information.  1200 people die needlessly every year.  Why?

Well there is probably a lot of reasons, excuses.  But it does seem to me that there is an overarching attitude that people with learning disabilities just don’t matter that much.  But they bloody do.  Anyone who knows Wonder Boy must appreciate his awesomeness – how many of you have enjoyed his juggling, his cracking sense of humour, his honesty.  Does he count less?  No.  And so he should receive the same high standard of care as everyone else, if and when he needs it.  Just like Connor Sparrowhawk should have and the other 1200 people who die each year.  It’s not good enough and we all have a responsibility to make it better.  That’s right all of us – radical idea isn’t it. 

So if you are so minded please support the #107day project.  Please read about this stuff.  Please talk to your kids about disability awareness, compassion and loving kindness.  Please stop staring and start caring.  If you want to make a donation to the #justiceforLB campaign please follow this link http://sarasiobhan.wordpress.com/fundraising/

Thanks for reading.  Off to eat pasta and squeeze myself into a new sports bra optimistically named the ultimate run bra……


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